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Thus, We Head Forth Unto the Next. 

The day has arrived. The end and the beginning. The turning of the page, the leap into the vast unknowable*. Today is the day we move. And it's raining as we get up, and begin loading the final possessions into the car. The van containing the majority of our possessions left days ago. There are… Continue reading Thus, We Head Forth Unto the Next. 



There's a poetic resonance that six-years-ago a journey began, a chapter of my life started with my chronicling my packing to leave a flat, and here, a gauntlet of twists and turns later, a similar act appears to be concluding it.  Here, far in time if not in distance, I find myself surrounded by my… Continue reading Boxes

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You Can’t Go Home Again

  The last few weeks have been busy. The nice kind of busy mostly; the travelling, catching friends for dinner, hiring wedding people kind of busy. In the space of a week, Chris and I ventured to highest Scotland for a wedding, visited Louth to house hunt and wedding plan, dine with friends and family,… Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again

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Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

Plymouth Central Library is relocating. Today will be the last day it opens those particular doors to the public. And as I sit here in the old stacks one last time*, I am filled with deep nostalgic sadness. We go back, this old building and I. Practically back to my first few months in Plymouth… Continue reading Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

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Goodbye, Little Corner

Four years ago, when I first started this blog, I was preparing to move. Back then, I had just finished University and was departing from student accommodation. There was no plan, not really. Several life ideas fluttered in and out of existence, dreams and hopes and desperate chances. Here I stand, now 25-years-old, on the… Continue reading Goodbye, Little Corner

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My Parents Are Moving to Switzerland

In 1471, a chicken in Basel, Switzerland, was judged guilty of laying a brightly colored egg, and it was burned at the stake for witch-craft. So there's something you doing know before you read this post; let it never be said I'm not educational. I know this because I've been researching the country this morning.… Continue reading My Parents Are Moving to Switzerland