Construction Zone

When my husband and I moved back in April we did so into a construction zone. The whole street was undergoing a remodeling to help with drainage, airflow, and damp problems*. We arrived shortly into the work, during a two week period of unceasing rainfall. Fortunately, the windows and doors had been replaced, but our… Continue reading Construction Zone



There's a poetic resonance that six-years-ago a journey began, a chapter of my life started with my chronicling my packing to leave a flat, and here, a gauntlet of twists and turns later, a similar act appears to be concluding it.  Here, far in time if not in distance, I find myself surrounded by my… Continue reading Boxes

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You Can’t Go Home Again

  The last few weeks have been busy. The nice kind of busy mostly; the travelling, catching friends for dinner, hiring wedding people kind of busy. In the space of a week, Chris and I ventured to highest Scotland for a wedding, visited Louth to house hunt and wedding plan, dine with friends and family,… Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again


On the Simple Reunion with a Sailor

Chris has returned home after. It's been a long six months. Although eased by a brief, but wonderful holiday to Dubai two months ago, the time apart has been challenging and a very steep, unrelenting learning curve, I think for both of us. This is our first real deployment situation, and certainly the longest away,… Continue reading On the Simple Reunion with a Sailor

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Goodbye, Little Corner

Four years ago, when I first started this blog, I was preparing to move. Back then, I had just finished University and was departing from student accommodation. There was no plan, not really. Several life ideas fluttered in and out of existence, dreams and hopes and desperate chances. Here I stand, now 25-years-old, on the… Continue reading Goodbye, Little Corner