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Happy 20 Years of Potter!

In which we get nostalgic for the Boy who Lived by talking about the way he changed my life.  I got married in April. That's not the important part. Due to my husband's job, we couldn't get the time for a formal honeymoon. Instead, we only had a weekend. We spent that at the Warner… Continue reading Happy 20 Years of Potter!

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Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

Plymouth Central Library is relocating. Today will be the last day it opens those particular doors to the public. And as I sit here in the old stacks one last time*, I am filled with deep nostalgic sadness. We go back, this old building and I. Practically back to my first few months in Plymouth… Continue reading Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

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The Curious Journeys of Library Books

My reading year has begun in earnest, which is the best start to any year if you ask me. Things didn't kick off so well at the start of 2015, when I didn't get through a single volume of anything throughout January, and ended up reading a string of disappointing YA books in February, which… Continue reading The Curious Journeys of Library Books

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Old Books

Books are great. And like fine wine or some overwhelmingly repugnant smelling cheeses, they only get better with time. The only thing better than browsing new books, is browsing old ones. Especially in quirky little stores in the middle of remote, alternative towns, which don't so much as have a Tesco. In these nooks, you… Continue reading Old Books

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A Story About The Awesomeness of Strangers

When I was in my second year of university I took a module in photography. Part of the assessment criteria was to produce a workbook showing personal research and development of a final project. After a nasty knock to the system during a presentation in which my work was flogged in disgrace, I was desperate… Continue reading A Story About The Awesomeness of Strangers