The Day the Heat Returned

There are times when I forget and take for granted the everyday conveniences of life, which many before me and living in the same space and time as me, have not had the luxury of owning. For example, whenever I'm sick and just wishing to feel better, I'll promise myself and the Universe around me,… Continue reading The Day the Heat Returned

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Happy 20 Years of Potter!

In which we get nostalgic for the Boy who Lived by talking about the way he changed my life.  I got married in April. That's not the important part. Due to my husband's job, we couldn't get the time for a formal honeymoon. Instead, we only had a weekend. We spent that at the Warner… Continue reading Happy 20 Years of Potter!

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The Castle Library which is my Soul

Souls are places; I've always thought about this. A soul can be explored like a place and felt like a place. A soul can be retreated to like a place and intruded upon like a place. A soul can be fragile or strong depending what it is weathering and what it is built upon, just… Continue reading The Castle Library which is my Soul

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Dear Husband On the Day we Marry

Dear Almost-Husband, I'm writing this in the early hours before we are to be married; in a short time, breakfast will arrive and getting ready will commence and a whirlwind of wonder will encircle us. However, at this moment, as the sun is rising and the day is just waking, I wanted to take a… Continue reading Dear Husband On the Day we Marry

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Thus, We Head Forth Unto the Next. 

The day has arrived. The end and the beginning. The turning of the page, the leap into the vast unknowable*. Today is the day we move. And it's raining as we get up, and begin loading the final possessions into the car. The van containing the majority of our possessions left days ago. There are… Continue reading Thus, We Head Forth Unto the Next.