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View from a Hotel

The hotel we were booked into was one of many guesthouses and B&Bs settled along the Llandudno's picturesque promenade. They sit side-by-side with cheery, welcoming, sometimes humourous names, a terraced line of beckoning hospitality. In the late evening sun, many rows of windows reflect the pastel skies over the sea; people walk dogs on the… Continue reading View from a Hotel

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End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception

About a week ago I put out a blog* about the problems with the continuing (and in my opinion, unnecessary) Hufflepuff Pride movement. One of my issues with such posturing was the boasting that J.K Rowling had announced Hufflepuff as her favourite house. I realised though, that I had never actually seen the interview in… Continue reading End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception

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End Hufflepuff Pride! *

Everybody in the Harry Potter fandom has a Hogwarts House. It's just fandom law at this point, right? The sorting hat ritual within the story is the fundamental beginning of Harry's transition into the world of magic; he (and the other new students) are officially given a place and a role within the school, which… Continue reading End Hufflepuff Pride! *

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Into the Deep Waters to the Maw of the Beast

Trigger Warning: This post is about my experiences with depression. IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS OR THINK YOU MIGHT HARM YOURSELF OR OTHERS PLEASE CALL A CRISIS CENTRE, YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY LINE OR LOCAL MENTAL HEALTH TEAM IMMEDIATELY.  “It seemed to be a sort of monster, or symbol representing a monster, of a… Continue reading Into the Deep Waters to the Maw of the Beast

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Happy 20 Years of Potter!

In which we get nostalgic for the Boy who Lived by talking about the way he changed my life.  I got married in April. That's not the important part. Due to my husband's job, we couldn't get the time for a formal honeymoon. Instead, we only had a weekend. We spent that at the Warner… Continue reading Happy 20 Years of Potter!