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Happy 20 Years of Potter!

In which we get nostalgic for the Boy who Lived by talking about the way he changed my life.  I got married in April. That's not the important part. Due to my husband's job, we couldn't get the time for a formal honeymoon. Instead, we only had a weekend. We spent that at the Warner… Continue reading Happy 20 Years of Potter!

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You Can’t Go Home Again

  The last few weeks have been busy. The nice kind of busy mostly; the travelling, catching friends for dinner, hiring wedding people kind of busy. In the space of a week, Chris and I ventured to highest Scotland for a wedding, visited Louth to house hunt and wedding plan, dine with friends and family,… Continue reading You Can’t Go Home Again

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The Post Proposal Kick in the Adult

The world has been hinting at the beginnings of change recently. I suppose it all began when I became engaged* a few weeks ago now. For the first few weeks after Chris asked me to marry him, I was on the ceiling with joy. In the celebratory period post receiving the big diamond there's a… Continue reading The Post Proposal Kick in the Adult

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Forever Is Not Long Enough~

When I was a child (perhaps 8 at most) I was sitting in the living room of our then house playing* while my dad was watching a film set in what must have been Victorian times. I was slipping in and out of attention to it, as kids do, but I remember being struck by… Continue reading Forever Is Not Long Enough~

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The Cinderella Complication

As a little girl, like many a little girl, I often reveled in fairy tales, particularly stories in which brave women overcome unfortunate circumstances to earn their happy endings. Granted the heroines are often products of their time and, yes, some take a background role to their own rescue, but I still believe the tales… Continue reading The Cinderella Complication