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End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception

About a week ago I put out a blog* about the problems with the continuing (and in my opinion, unnecessary) Hufflepuff Pride movement. One of my issues with such posturing was the boasting that J.K Rowling had announced Hufflepuff as her favourite house. I realised though, that I had never actually seen the interview in… Continue reading End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception

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End Hufflepuff Pride! *

Everybody in the Harry Potter fandom has a Hogwarts House. It's just fandom law at this point, right? The sorting hat ritual within the story is the fundamental beginning of Harry's transition into the world of magic; he (and the other new students) are officially given a place and a role within the school, which… Continue reading End Hufflepuff Pride! *

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Happy 20 Years of Potter!

In which we get nostalgic for the Boy who Lived by talking about the way he changed my life.  I got married in April. That's not the important part. Due to my husband's job, we couldn't get the time for a formal honeymoon. Instead, we only had a weekend. We spent that at the Warner… Continue reading Happy 20 Years of Potter!

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The Bargain

So, due to the library closure post being priority last week, I didn't get around to mentioning that Chris returned from his latest ventures upon the ocean blue*. I met him at the train station, and so I was able to prepare him for the influx of books I had purchased during our long separation**.… Continue reading The Bargain

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Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

Plymouth Central Library is relocating. Today will be the last day it opens those particular doors to the public. And as I sit here in the old stacks one last time*, I am filled with deep nostalgic sadness. We go back, this old building and I. Practically back to my first few months in Plymouth… Continue reading Here I Sit Before The Library Moves

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The Curious Journeys of Library Books

My reading year has begun in earnest, which is the best start to any year if you ask me. Things didn't kick off so well at the start of 2015, when I didn't get through a single volume of anything throughout January, and ended up reading a string of disappointing YA books in February, which… Continue reading The Curious Journeys of Library Books

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Storytime Saturday Proposal

I want to start something new here today, pertaining to my love of stories. An integral part of being any form of storyteller is a growing experience of stories in many different varieties and mediums. Obviously, being a reader, I have a wide familiarity with written fiction, and my job exposes me to true life… Continue reading Storytime Saturday Proposal