Welcome to the Storm

Hello. Welcome.

Alice. Married. Currently weaving through the mad adventure of life. I like reading and writing and video games and thinking too much. And goats. Goats are kind of fun. Cats too. I live in a tiny town in Lincolnshire. I eat too much chocolate and try to write stuff. Not necessarily at the same time, but sometimes at the same time. I visit the library a lot.

At the core of everything I am and enjoy is the love of stories. Of true stories and untrue stories. I believe stories bind us together in ways nothing else can. We all have stories, and we all tell stories, and together they weave us into the great adventure of the Universe, which is just a giant story unfolding before us.

I’m here to tell a part of that great story.

I’m not sure what else you want to know about someone who once found their keys in the fridge, so I’ll talk about the blog now, which is almost certainly why you came here.

Fear not, the storm in a metaphor for my life. That makes me sound deep and emo^; I like to think I’m the former, but none of the latter. Though, I would be lying to myself and to you if I said my writing couldn’t sometimes get a tad emotional and dark. My writing here is many things.

My posts vary greatly depending on why I write them. I have been writing here for many years now for many reasons which are no longer relevant or important, now I tend to do so simply to share my life adventures with complete strangers on the internet^^. I do this to chronical my sometimes interesting if not always ideal life, and to create in words a sense of who I am and what I think.

Here you shall find posts about my odd theories and stories, and little things that happen to me, and even big things that happen to me^^^. Sometimes posts are light-hearted and sometimes they are dark and deep* and sometimes they are just streams of randomness.

I’m not sure what you’ll get by coming here, but I hope I can offer you something; a feeling of camaraderie, or a little light in a dark place, a laugh here and there. A new understanding of a theory or idea or piece of life otherwise unknown. I don’t know if any of this has been achieved, but I hope it offers some benefit to someone.

So, you are welcome to stay and hang around. Read, drink tea***, think, dream, scrutinise. And let’s be a tiny part of each other’s stories for a time.

Okay. Bye.

Oh… wait… One more thing.

Also, I add footnotes** which are general thoughts I add when reviewing the posts, normally meaningless, and just a bit of fun to read. If you scroll down to the end of the post you’ll find them, but they aren’t vital to understanding anything. Which is why they are footnotes.

Okay. Bye for real this time.






^I mean that in the naughties teenager not-goth-but-still-dark-and-deep, life-is-an-endless-treck-to-the-grave kind of way. I was a teenager in the naughties when that word had meaning. I’m not so down with the kids anymore, so it may no longer be relevant. Ask your parents kids.

^^Strangers like you. Hello, stranger. Very few people I associate with in real life even know about this blog, so chances are I’m right that we are unacquainted. I realise this footnote is kind of pointless, but I like being correct…… Please read my blog πŸ™‚

^^^Although, I’m not always the best at getting these posts out on time. Just so you know….. Please still read my blog? Sometimes I talk about insects and libraries and stuff…. Hey, come back!

*Like my soul ….Β Just kidding. I did a post on my soul…. I’m going to leave it here… In case you want an example of my writing. Here it is. Right here. Feel free to click if the motion takes you. Or not. I’m good with that too πŸ™‚

**Thus. I do this a lot.

***Tea not included. Please bring your own tea.


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