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The (Kinda Obligatory, Kinda) New Year Post

A new year has arrived. I’m more excited than usual at passing the threshold. It’s a quiet kind of excitement; more an expectant anticipation, really. For longer than I care to admit, I had been waiting for that particular midnight. The final strange week of the, now previous, year has been spent simply preparing for the new one. Not preparing for New Year’s Eve, in that I have little interest, but the whole of 2016 – thinking about goals, printing calendars, and drafting daily schedules. And summoning courage and belief in the face of doubt and worry that I will be a barrier to myself. In light of this, subsequently, I have been trying to plan against these possible barriers should they occur.

I made decisions conducive to a  more productive year. Most of this was eliminating distraction and unnecessary time-wasting sink holes. For instance, I banished Facebook from my mobile devices, which I was checking more through habit than anything else. Gone also, are the games to designed to hook players with a sense of easy gratification; the type which drain hours at dangerous amounts, yet give little in return other than a quick, meaningless sense of accomplishment. This year distraction must go.

Don’t for one minute believe this was as simple as pressing a button and selecting delete. First, I had to fight my ego, which argued back against my logical reasoning, with ‘Yeah, but I wanna’. I suppose I could have left it as it was, fooled myself into believing I was strong willed enough to just not use these things so often, but part of changing something is being realistic and not lying to yourself. I’m not going to chance it this year.

I saw in the New Year in my pajamas with a celebratory Dandelion and Burdock in a wine glass, listening to Auld Lang Syne, watching the myriad of fireworks on display outside my front window. I bid 2015 a hearty farewell and cheered in 2016. In much the same vain as Christmas, I was happy to enjoy the peace of my own company.

Thus it begins. The start of the next 365 day (or 366 technically, I suppose). It shouldn’t mean as much as it does; a day has passed as it would any other. The meaning comes from the promise, the clean slate, the resetting of the clock. It’s a metaphorical cut off period, which makes letting go of the past a little bit easier, and resolving to try anew just that much more inviting.

May whatever you work for in the New Year reach back for you too. Make it count.


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