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A List of Small Items I Forget to be Grateful For Sometimes

  1. The gentle hypnotizing flicker of candlelight.
  2. The deepest hour of night, when the world is so quiet, it seems as though the very stars are listening to your thoughts.
  3. Unexpected laughter, the kind you don’t see coming, when you can hardly gasp in air for the tightness of your stomach, and tears of joy roll away from screwed up eyes. The kind of laugh that makes you ugly in the most beautiful way.
  4. Human kindness – the most glorious of all mankind’s traits. How it can come from anyone at anytime in such infinite abundance. How even the simplest of actions or a few careful words can help pull a seemingly shattered heart back together.
  5. Candy floss – somebody invented an edible cloud, and a delicious one at that.
  6. Knowledge in and of itself; our ability to learn information just because we want to, and the ever expanding possibilities to do so. The world is teaming with history, culture, and science, and more so today than ever before. We need never be victims to ignorance.
  7. Words which are just fun to say, like ‘bollard’ and ‘sacrosanct’ and ‘fidget’ and ‘wielding’, words which tumble joyfully from the tongue, and sound like an alien language if repeated.
  8. Emotion – even the overwhelming waves of it, joyful or sad, or that bittersweet mixture of both; the fact that we can feel at all, is a wondrous thing.
  9. Stars. The billions and billions of them, held above us even when we can’t see them; their mystery, their potential, their ability to be both always there and already gone. The thought that all people descended from stardust long ago, making everything an irrefutable part of the Universe.
  10. Hope. The indisputable understanding that something good can and will always happen to anyone at anytime.

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