Goodbye Aunt Marie

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This morning I had good news to share with you. Sadly, I am forced to shelf that for another time due to more important information which came to light later this evening.

Yesterday afternoon, my maternal aunt, Marie Farley, passed away having suffered a suspected blood clot.She leaves behind children and grandchildren, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, and a husband.

My extended family are not close, but I have fragments of memories of Marie at weddings and during times of crises. I remember the ant line running through the kitchen, and the way she carried herself, and however much she disagreed or came to blows with my mother, how the true love and bond as sisters brought them together again.

I’m sad, because maybe I should have known her better, and I don’t feel qualified to be as in shock or distress as I am, because I didn’t know her better. I’m guilty because now I cannot know her better.

My hope for her is peace, and joy in whatever comes next. An eternal place in the earth or among the stars or simply in the hearts of dear friends and family. Strength to her children and grandchildren to grieve and miss her.

Goodbye, Aunt Marie. I’ll miss you, too. I’m pretty sure, wherever you are, ants won’t bother themselves with your kitchen.



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