This is not the announcement I mentioned in my previous post! I’m still working on that, but it will be up in the next couple of days. 

Sometimes I enter competitions. I don’t enter competitions with any notion of actually winning, but because if I don’t, I’ll feel bad because I might have won. Does that make sense? Probably not, but that’s just how I roll. Therefore, when I submitted an entry into a national contest, I didn’t believe doing so would lead anywhere, I just felt accomplished having made an effort, and that would be the end of it. Better to try, as they say, than to sit and wonder ‘what if’.

But then I won.

At first, I believed I was mistaken about the matter. Either the email had been sent to the wrong contestant, or I had misread it. I had to check the message a few times over to ensure my eyes were correlating with what was actually on the page. Then, just to super check the validity of the situation, I sent a confirmation message back to the publishers running the competition, and they acknowledged me as the true champion (or one of them anyway), and take me the details about redeeming my prize. The prize, now we come to the topic, is two tickets to a masterclass in writing for young adults with an award winning author. An author I admire greatly at that, who wrote one of my favourite steampunk series.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how to take the news that I won; I think I might have taken it worse (in a different way) than if I had lost. As a loser I could shrug of the consolation with a ‘at least I had a go’, trash the email, and get on with my life. As a winner, however, I had quick decisions to make. There was a bit of open mouthed staring, a moderate amount of disbelief (as explained above), and a moment of joy in which I called Chris, my parents and Daisy Droplets, to share my news. Partly because I wanted to express my excitement, and secondly to find someone to go with me.

Unfortunately, at such short notice, no one I know who might enjoy attending the class is free and available to go, and while I am happy to undergo with experience by myself, I have to organize and finance an overnight trip to London in, what is now, less than a week. Given my current financial stipulations, it’s looking slim. Chris and parents have both offered to front some of the money for travel and accommodation, but, I feel awful taking funds from them when it’s not absolutely necessary to do so. I’m so lucky and grateful to have such generous people in my life, but still I feel I should explore every option for the best result for everyone, including turning down the opportunity.

In the meantime, I’ve just been enjoying the sensation of actually having won something I put effort into winning. It wasn’t all that much effort don’t get me wrong, but it feels good to have succeeded in a trial.

Yay to a win!


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