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The first Autumn sunset of 2014.

Day and night receive an equal share of time today, but gradually in the coming weeks, night will start to ebb the daylight into submission. There’s a new chill in the breeze, signaling the end of summer. The oak tree in the garden is dusting the grass with leaves, the thistles are no longer a deep purple, but white with the fluff of their down, tangled in various spiderwebs. The world is slowly transforming into a collage of orange, yellow and red, and everything will start to calm down for a while as winter makes its approach. The sunset tonight is stronger in colour, leaving the late pastel evening hues behind. Where earlier in the year, as explained in a post, the open window invites a gentle, refreshing breeze, now it invites a brisk air. Yes, my friends, my favourite time of year has arrived.

I’ve had a busy, exciting and pleasant summer, going to magical events and being whisked to new places. Summer does have a crazy, hazy quality to it; I find I am more likely to want to get active and explore places during the drunken heat of summer. I find Autumn is a time of focus and comforts. After the blissful, yet energized season, I am ready to indulge in the cold, cozy nights of autumn, rushing through crunchy leaves and listening to rainfall outside the window as I read, with a cup of hot chocolate to sooth me under a blanket.

Currently, I feel an autumn of my own life, a movement from a frenzied time into a quieter contemplative period of discovery and transformation. With all its delights and treasured experiences, Summer was also difficult and stressful in the areas of work and finance. I have been unnerved by certain events, and deeply frustrated by others, and all the while my mind has reeled with the question ‘why?’. While away on my two part trip, I really started to re-think some aspects of myself and my life, and when, upon my return, further complications arose, I really started to put items in my head into perspective and focus on what I wanted and how I could go about finally fighting for it to happen. For myself, of course; it’s always important to fight for yourself, but also for the people who have supported me, and the people who need me.

I have an announcement to make in the next week; I’m not sure when exactly, or in what form, but it is forthcoming. And this won’t be and can’t be and must not be like other announcements I have made before about projects and such, which ultimately, for one excuse or another never came to fruition. I just need a few more days to finalise details in my mind, and then I can begin. I am effectively finishing a few additional materials and then we can begin.

In the meantime, take a moment to enjoy the new season. I am excited for warmer clothes, the satisfying sound of crunchy leaves beneath my shoes, watching the wind whip the colourful leaves into miniature whirlwinds, cuddly Sunday mornings in slipper boots and jumpers, and morning frost decorating spiderwebs.



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