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Where Have I been?

It’s been over a month since I last posted anything, not due to depression (though I realise my last post was hardly uplifting), but because I went away for a while, which was beneficial for me.

Chris and I took a journey up to Lincolnshire, to Chris’ hometown of Louth, a little town on the fringes on nowhere. You can walk from one side to the other in half-an-hour. The streets are narrow, lined with Tudor and Victorian buildings, and some of the pubs have public space smaller than my living room. Mostly Chris and I remained indoors. The weather during that week wasn’t conducive to lengthy outings. Actually, just being able to sit and be, being spoiled by someone who loves me, and not worrying about food or sleep or money, was immensely liberating. Sometimes it’s nice to just breathe in new spaces. We did venture out and brave the weather a couple of times. There was much dining out at local places, and catching up with Chris’ family and friends.

I climbed 199 steps to the top of a 295ft church spire, which I will explain in a back dated post in the next few days (here).

After a week with Chris’ relatives, we jetted out to see my side of the family in the picturesque mountains of central Switzerland. Which might be another few backdated posts, depending on time and energy levels in the next few weeks. As you might expect, we did some particularly exciting outings while visiting, including walks to a tiny church, and a day hiking the trail around Reichenbach Falls, and swimming in a fresh water lake. Chris got to know my family, which was nice, and apart from a hiccup on the final night everything ran smoothly.

We returned to the UK late on a Friday evening, and finally touched Plymouth again at 01:00am the following day. Chris and I spent the weekend together, before parting on Sunday.

Two weeks away meant a pile of work to get done upon my return. I was refreshed, and I felt better, and I would like to say things got back into a more balanced pace. However, the struggle continues. Making rent is still a worry and there are restrictions on my food budget, but I find myself more able to deal with the issues. I have a new perspective now, pushing me towards a goal, which I will talk about in coming weeks.

So, that is where I have been all month. I would like to say a big thank you to those who emailed offering support. If I haven’t replied to you yet, please don’t be offended; I will get back to you soon, and I really appreciate your kind words of encouragement.


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