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Four Questions Why? (I have been tagged).

Close friend and fellow blogger Daisy Droplets has tagged me. For all intents and purposes I have been tagged.  This means I must answer four questions pertaining to my life and work as a writer. I’m going to preface this by saying this isn’t my usual style of post. I would apologise for any incorrectness of etiquette as far as this is concerned, but it’s my blog and I do things my way here. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.


What am I Writing/Working on Right Now?

As a professional writer and editor most of my writing prowess is taken up with ghostwriting autobiographies and proofreading. My days can vary greatly due to the fluctuating nature of the work, leaving splashes of time for personal creativity, and intense periods of dedicated writing work. My life is a tussle between the two, meaning that what I work on can alternate depending on what is required of me when and where. Dedicating myself to any one take for a length of time is nigh on impossible at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. Variables as to what I’m doing also include my emotional state of being, what is inspiring me, and, honestly, how lazy I am at any given moment.

Besides my job, which I am legally unable to share details about, I try to be as involved with this blog as is possible for me without forcing it. Topics range from random ramblings and emotive descriptive pieces, to journal style entries about what is happening in my life and short stories. This functions essentially as a space to write anything I want, which I think is vital for me, and also fun.

Personal writing outside of these areas often remain private information. I’m not one to show off writing work, particularly in early stages. However, I do have two big writing projects on the go. One is a ‘novel’. The other is an exploration of my darker ideas, which I’m just letting drip onto the page.

And Daisy Droplets, don’t ask me. I’ll tell you about both when I’m ready. I just wanted to be honest for your tag, because I don’t want to get a curse or anything…. Don’t look at me like that! It could happen. I don’t know how these things work.


How Does My Work Differ from Others of its Genre?

Interesting, yet obsolete question. Why does it matter? Every writer has their own flair, style, mood, and personality which will inevitably erupt into their creative works. Comparing my work to someone because they write the same genre, is like comparing a mouse to an elephant because they’re both mammals. I don’t think it’s healthy for a writer to worry so much about how they do or do not differ from other writers. A mouse can’t blow water from its trunk, but an elephant can’t scurry soundlessly through a corn field. It’s not about trying to be different, writing is about saying what you want to say, in a way you want to say it, as best as you can. We all have weaknesses and strengths which pull together to create something unique.


Why Do I Write What I Write?

I have to. Writing is my passion, my why of putting something of myself into the world. I truly believe if I didn’t write regularly enough, I would go insane.

It all began when a book saved my life, and I realised how valuable stories could be in creating hope and sustaining the goodness of humanity. I often found it easier to connect with fictional beings than I did real people. During my difficult teenage years I turned to stories as a means of survival and they have remained with me ever since. I wrote about adventures I wanted to go on. When I learned I could mold characters, I started putting trails against them, watching how they navigated round issues and problems. I worked through my emotions vicariously through my characters.

My mind can be a very turbulent place to be; I suffer from momentary, yet very real darknesses. Some days I wake feeling a disconnection from everything and everyone around me. I can be overwhelmed by expectation and failure, and unable to navigate to a future. These crazy moments have been with me most of my life. Please, don’t fear for me, I know what they are, why they come, and how to tame them. It’s funny how much smaller strife and heartbreak are when they become a string of words.

Part of defeating the demons in the dark corners of my head and heart is writing. It’s like the words spill as ink from inside. It makes the thoughts tangible, and easier to understand when I can form words and stories with them. During my difficult teenage years I turned to stories as a means of survival and they have remained with me ever since. Through writing I am real, I am in the world, a part of it.

Strange how in times of grief or loneliness, confusion and insecurity, a plank page can be a friend and ally, the canvas for the stirrings of the soul.


How Does My Writing Process Work?

That depends on what I’m writing. Sometimes there’s no process, and I just allow my brain to stream onto the page with little to no critical regard. At other times I plan and experiment until I can stand it no longer. There’s always a critical edge to longer projects. Novels always involve a lot of trail and error. I can spend weeks just compiling character bios, plot lines, and setting boards. Generally, I always have an initial instinct about how things should look and sound, and that’s the basis for everything else.

This blog varies. Longer, technical pieces are often pre-written in my anything notebook prior to posting. However, descriptive, fanciful posts will just flow out and maybe receive a once over afterwards.

My professional work always requires careful consideration, for obvious reasons. That varies in technique depending on who I work for. The method there is finding the voice of the person who I am representing on page.

I have no one way of doing anything, I just go with what I feel is correct for whatever I am doing. Hasn’t failed me so far.


So, that’s me done. I hope this has been of interest.

I’m supposed to tag someone now. Maybe, blogger, Nirvana’sPocketful would enjoy this one. I doubt very much she knows who I am, or about this blog, but I’ve been keeping on eye on her writings for a while now, and they’re always enjoyable. It would be interesting to see what she has to say about these four questions. Even if she doesn’t, do go check her out. Mostly her posts pertain to books, but she also has some amusing life anecdotes.

Otherwise, if you, dear reader, want to hop on, feel free. I formally tag you!  If you do answer the questions, connect your post back to me so I can see what you write.

Tag! You’re it!


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