Lazy Working Sunday

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Good Morning, Sunday.

So, another birthday is finished (back dated post is forthcoming). The boyfriend us safely back in his abode, much to my sadness. Now, life must resume some form of normality; I can no longer ignore my adultness, nor the fact work must be done. However, I must also acknowledge the Sunday-ness of the morning, the most wonderful morning of the week.

After a hectic, if enjoyable, few days, it’s nice to take in the lazy hazy Sunday morning atmosphere. No alarm, no need to raise early, or worry over what must done, just an easy, gentle wake up, and the ability to sigh luxuriously and turn over. Nothing beats a cup of lemon green tea steaming near an open window, cooling in the refreshing breeze, a naughty chocolate muffin for breakfast, left over from the indulgent Saturday before, and a chance to read a few chapters from a good book. Ahhhh.

Everything in balance. After a lazy morning I must get to catching up with the work I failed to complete due to my excursion to the south. However, I have decided to be more relaxed about the matter and not lose my current sense of calm determination, laying as I am on my bed with the laptop on my lap, listening to music on spotify. Instead of rushing downstairs to set up shop at the desk as usual for any of my working days, I may remain here and let time slip by as I undertake my tasks for the day.  I will take the opportunity to try and enjoy what I do for a living; I worry I don’t actually take the time to be thankful for my job, especially when it gets stressful or over-whelming.

It’s easy to forget that having a job in any capacity is a blessing, in particular when what you’re doing for a living is something you actually want to be doing. Many people lack the ability to gain employment and the opportunity to earn payment to enjoy the material world. I’m even more fortunate in my self-employment, because, to some degree, I choose my working hours. I’m lucky I can just spontaneously run away to Cornwall and use Sunday afternoon to catch up and meet deadlines. I can stay in bed and work, because I’m not required to head off to an office some distance away to account to somebody. Everything can be done and finalised via email. I suppose it would do me good to remember what life would be like if a) I had to do a job I hated, which has been the truth in my past, and b) what it would be like to not have a job at all.

In the quiet, relaxing, beauty of Sunday morning, I can find time for gratitude.

And time to eat a chocolate muffin. I, of course, have gratitude for receiving the chocolate muffin, which was purchased by Chris and left behind upon his return to college. He always leaves me his sugary treats when me departs.

Thus, now I will end this post and begin the calm, yet focused task of completing writing tasks and editing sessions. Post muffin eating you understand.

Happy Sunday!


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