Storytime Saturday Proposal

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I want to start something new here today, pertaining to my love of stories.

An integral part of being any form of storyteller is a growing experience of stories in many different varieties and mediums. Obviously, being a reader, I have a wide familiarity with written fiction, and my job exposes me to true life accounts of everyday living, but I lack a deeper sense of visual forms of creative storytelling, and I don’t often read newspaper stories or short stories. This is a means to combat my ignorance.

Every week or every few weeks (a noble goal by my standards, I know), I will present a story of some kind to you hear. These will not be reviews; I am not going to attempt to influence your thoughts on the story presented, I am simply going to establish how I feel about the story and the way it’s told. I’ll be giving more of a personal evaluation in the hopes of understanding ways in which stories can be told and how they are told. Depending on certain aspects, I may be more or less elaborate, and I may even research around the method or matter. We’ll see how this develops as it happens.

The official start date will be July 19th, 2014, and, as the name suggests, will continue every Saturday I am able to post. This is very much an experiment at the moment, and if I end up hating it or not gaining much from it, I’ll stop. But I’m going to give it a whirl.

Just wanted to let you know, and solidify the idea on page (screen).



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