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How much can a life change in just 42 days?

It’s not long really, barely a month and a half, but I’ve been contemplating just how much life can shift in such a short span of time, depending on the effort put in to change it. If I began today, how far can I get in 42 days.

The reason this little teaser popped into my head is because I have a special event on the horizon, which I calculated to be as of now, just 42 days away. As most things do, time slips away while you’re not looking, and I managed to ponder myself into another important question: how much could I change in that time?

There are aspects of my lifestyle I don’t relish, as is the case with being a human being. These things will always be alive in some form or another, as unavoidable as taxes, but it’s important to improve as much as we can whenever we can, and unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve been doing too much of that of late. When I realized I was a little behind on my personal development I was prompted to form a plan of attack; I wanted to do something to ensure I moved forward. I don’t enjoy the stagnant feeling I get from being too lazy and unaware. It doesn’t do anything for me or the people around me. So, I started to ponder what I want from life (as I do periodically), and how I could go about shooting for my goals more proactively.

Since I have a big day in 42 days, and because 42 is an awesome number with a cool literary link, I decided to start today and review myself on 12th July. In this way, I have an end date in sight, I can push myself with many short term goals, and use the evening event as a celebration not only of my awesome boyfriend receiving his Commission as a Naval Officer, but also as a reflection on how far I come (or not) in a short space of time.

From now until the 12th July 2014, I will be participating in what I am calling Project 42, a 42 day stint in which I get my life in order through everyday effort towards attaining short-term goals and creating new, better habits. The aim is to discover just how much I can improve in just under a month and a half.

Project 42 Goals

– Exercise every day for at least an hour: I used to do this without fail, but I have become slack in the last couple of months due to work overload. Having unpredictable hormones it helps when I develop a healthy exercise regime. Also I wish to gain physical strength and toning,  and better overall energy levels.

-Healthy Eating: Being a dunce in the kitchen, sometimes I cop out of creating healthy meals based on the belief I can’t cook them. I’m ending the excuses. I will learn to at least make simple, healthy dishes, and gain confidence in cookery, and I will request help where necessary. If I want a healthy mind and body I must take into account what I put in. This will have knock on effects for my energy levels, fitness, immunity, and skin conditions, as well as hormone control and brain power.

– Money management: I’m responsible with money, but I need to harness the power of the budget a little better. That means actually calculating weekly funds properly, ensuring I stick to food budgets and saving budgets, while meeting rent. It also means having the courage to spend a little on treats without fear of repercussions and guilt, and without telling myself I haven’t earned it… mostly because I will have earned it.

-Control anxiety: Yes, it’s natural to worry, but over thinking and over complicating matters leads to irrational anxiety and self-destruction. I’ll take time to breath and meditate with the object of overcoming attachment and self-grasping, focusing on the present, and let go of irrational thoughts. If I need to, I will express my concerns to others, and I will trust what they say.

-Better work management: Sometimes I become one-track-minded towards things, and I either work and don’t play, or play and barely work. I’d like to find the balance. Being self-employed it’s harder to create a working day and environment, but I will take steps to better manage my work life, social life, and free time, and not waste it.

So, five goals, spanning mind, body and spirit, and all attainable through daily effort. Also, I will be attempting to blog regularly throughout the process as an addition to the above.

Vow to the Universe 

I, Alice Radwell, being of sound mind and body, do vow to the great power of the Universe to hereby make a committed effort to the goals set above. As part of this project, I will cut of unhealthy foods and comfort eating, exercise for one hour a day, value my money and be responsible with it, strive to be in the present through meditation and self control,  and work and play in equal balance.

I solemnly vow to remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to strive for my goals, and will therefore, not pander myself with self-pity, lack of control or harshness towards others.  I promise not to focus too much on the final result of my efforts, but to appreciate my journey for the next few days.

When I stumble, which is inevitable given my humanity, I will not wallow in self-doubt or quit, but continue forward regardless. I will remember that whatever I do is something, and if I get only half-way, it is still better than no way at all. I will use what I learn and achieve to help benefit not only myself, but the lives of others in whatever way I can.

Let Project 42 begin!



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