Dancing with Celestial Bodies

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Yesterday, I traveled 851 miles from Nidwalden, Switzerland back to Plymouth, and I am now in my soon-not-to-be-mine room recovering from an early rise, a long day, and the getting-back-to-normal phase that always attacks after a long time away. I’m essentially using it as an excuse to vegetate and mess about online prior to returning to all life and working matters on Monday (much like the rest of the world).

The internet is filled with interesting things; have you noticed?

Along side being inexcusably lazy with everything, including unpacking my suitcase and dragging myself to the washroom to get a load in, I’m having to think about life type matters. Mostly topics on the lines of ‘where am I going to live?’ and ‘where do I find out how to properly file taxes?’ which instinctively leads the little Alice in my head to bash the panic button. I’m getting good and preventing her from doing so, but there hasn’t been much room in my head to thoughts about much else today.

However, last night I’m came across a video which is beautiful and thought provoking and soothing. I urge you to take 5 minutes from your day and enjoy.

When I watched this the first time I was simply struck by its beauty, how elegantly the dancers mesh with their projected background, how they appear as celestial beings playing with space and with stars. I saw creators breaking constellations and swimming in the milky way. I see joyful creatures beyond my understanding, weaving the universe with their movements, conjuring galaxies by tossing newborn stars, and causing supernovas by kicking ancient suns. It could be a child’s dream, or angelic intervention, it could be nymphs frolicking in the depths of a moonlit river. The story (or lack of one) is entirely personal. The interpretation can come from so many angles depending on whose watching and when and why. Fantastic. It certainly pulled me away from my head for a while.

On second viewing I applauded the workings behind the art, the vision of the creators and effort of the dancers, as well as the professionalism of the technical savvies who programmed and ran the projection. The timing is flawless. The dancers mesh seamlessly with the backdrop to the point where distinguishing the two elements as separate is impossible. I wonder what the creator thought about upon its conception; I wonder what sparked the idea to make something so ambitions, and maintain the determination to continue and finish with this level of perfection.

I remember the days I danced, how the movement and the focus helped when times were difficult. Injuries meant I had to stop, but sometimes I believe that I should dance more, just alone or in the park, and not worry about the world or about what people see. I hope I can do so when things get tricky in the coming months. I hope to flourish over taxes and adagio when housing screens and financing options become overwhelming.

Maybe I’ll pretend I’m dancing with celestial bodies.


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