2014 Mission Statement …. kind of

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Yesterday I wrote about how I will blog in the New Year, but I didn’t delve into any information about how I will attempt to live my life in 2014. I know it’s just the done thing, but I feel the need to talk about goals and such things. I’m not great on resolutions, simply because I struggle to think of them and then really stick to them, but I want to push a little more effort into my life this cycle round the sun, so my friend and I, currently half a top a mountain in Switzerland, wrote down a few fun ideas.

So, in light of tradition, I’ve picked three long term resolutions:

1) Try to blog at least once a week – I mentioned this last blog…. I think, and while I said I didn’t want to restrict myself to deadlines and schedules, I think it’s worth it to commit to sitting down once a week and blog. Otherwise, much like last year, I won’t find the time and space to do so.  However, if I feel I don’t really want to or I don’t have much of anything to say, then I’ll pass. I just want want to ensure I find room for this blog now I’ve taken the time to dust it off.

2) Learn something new – I’m not sure what yet, but by this time next year I want to be able to claim I’ve made legitimate progress in a skill or a hobby I have not tried before. I’m still pondering the details.

3) Create an interesting project – Again, I have half-backed semi ideas, which need mixing and solidifying, but I want to undertake a year long … something in order to chronicle the year’s events.

4) Take one interesting photograph a month – I’m no photographer, but this isn’t really about the art and craft of producing decent pictures. This is more a means of ensuring a explore a little bit more, find crevices, take moments to discover small and large areas around me, and contemplate the world. I’m not promising a wealth of great photos, just some possible interesting perspectives about things, places and people. I hope to set a date a month in which to present it, but again this is not a solid deadline.

So, that’s four fairly unique quests to undertake this year, wouldn’t you say? It’s a comfortable number and the tasks are varied in their types I feel. We’ll just have to see how well I do.



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