Giraffe Necked Weevil (Or When Evolution Trys to be Funny)

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Evolution, seriously, what am I looking at?

O_o It’s like someone mixed a ladybird and an ant, and stretched the result on the wrack. Apparently, the long-neck is for fighting, but really evolution, couldn’t you have equipped this guy with a sword, it may be more effective than the delicate limb that holds the head up. These folks live in the forests of Madagascar. Their binomial name is Trachelophorus giraffa, which is fun to say five-times-fast.  This is a male, by the way, the females don’t look quite so odd, but they do spend a lot of time constructing their nests out of leaves. It’s pretty cool actually, akin to origami.

I feel like evolution was having a bit of a laugh when it came up with this; perhaps what it intended was a tiny giraffe, which would have been adorable. No need to picture it, Google provides.

Dear science, you’ve had enough time on that figuring out the mysteries of the Universe junk; make me a tiny giraffe.

At some point in the project, evolution got bored, and just thought ‘ah, screw it! I’m throwing in an exoskeleton and some antennae! Oh and I’ll give it a bulge at the centre of its disproportionate neck, so it looks like a denizen of satanic practices! Wait till the universe sees this one!’

The poor thing has my sympathies.

Seriously science, get on that tiny giraffe idea.


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