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Happy New Year! (Propably a popular title at the moment, but really, what else am I going to call it?)

Happy New Year, Internet! It’s 2013, and while that may be stating the obvious, I feel obligated to make such a statement if only to remind myself how fast life goes sometimes. December was pretty slow going for a while, but I don’t know where the other eleven months went.

New Year is a wonderful time; a clean slate, a new day, a fresh start; the promise of 365 days yet untainted.

I began the year in a state of chaos after an impromptu decision to rearrange my furniture. Actually, I’d been toying with the notion for a week or so, because a sudden flooding incident left me with damaged furniture just before Christmas. The ‘impromptu’ part is more to do with deciding to rearrange my room at nine-o’clock pm on the 31st. That was I what doing for the change over; at mid-night I’d gotten to a state of order, will all pieces in their new places, but the room was littered with everything that had been stored. Stuff; I seem to still have more stuff than I thought.

I welcomed 2013 with open arms; 2012 was a bit of a bust for me, with job changes and traveling restrictions, sickness, and lack of progress. Sometimes my fault, but not always. Apparently, I’m not alone; a lot of people I know, and don’t know, have expressed disappointment about last year. I guess the other obvious thing to mention is new year resolutions, but honestly, I haven’t had much time to consider such matters; that’s really how much of a craze the last few months of 2012 were. There are a few aspects of my life I have to work on. I was recently alerted to how poorly I communicate sometimes; and that includes this blog, but resolutions seem too novel at this point, just something I’d be doing for the sake of it, so nothing set in stone yet. I may yet take time to consider.

In any case, I hope your 2013 is happy, healthy, and enjoyable. I hope you challenge yourself, make fear your bitch, follow your dreams. May you stick to your resolutions, and strive to be more within yourself is such is your wish.


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