They’re Taking The Roof From Over Our Heads (But They Will Put It Back)

Call Of Duty MW3 officially hit sale today; our store opened at midnight, with many staff working the launch shift catering to the needs of 300 or so customers queued around the block. I was not one of them. I was at home in bed with a book and a cup of peppermint tea. Or I was sleeping, but it really is one or the other. Unfortunately, I had to be up early for the morning shift when everyone not crazy enough to be queuing around the block at midnight comes and gathers in front of the doors before opening instead. Waking up in the dark will always suck; no matter the time it always feels like being awake in the middle of the night. Regardless, when I left in the dull light of dawn, I didn’t notice the huge tarpaulin being secured to the roof of my home, and even if I had chances are I wouldn’t have registered exactly what that meant.

I should explain.

The Buddhist Centre is expanding upwards; with the house full and an ever-growing waiting list, plus the surplus of overnight guests often lodged in the Shrine or the office, it has become increasing obvious to everyone living here, over the past year that we need more space. We need dorms, we need a guest kitchen, we need more rooms to rent, and now we’re having such facilities built in the labyrinthine attic – or rather, where the labyrinthine attic used to be. As a result of this extension, the roof is being removed to accommodate a fourth floor, and subsequently another roof will be placed on top of that, but for about a month there will be no roof on our house. It’s almost winter and for a substantial amount of time, we’re not going to have a proper roof; things are going to get chilly. And yes, I would argue that a month is a ‘substantial amount of time’ not to have a roof. Instead we will have the classic tarpaulin replacement, but little else.

The work is due for completion in April (at the latest), but until then we’ve been warned about the builders who will be walking our halls, and appearing in our kitchens for tea, and that things will be getting cold and noisy, but then slightly warmer and noisy. I’m excited about what they’ll be doing with the space.


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