Fluffy Thistles and Me: A Guide to Why You’re No Longer Hypothetical, and the Art of Spontanious Tea Drinking.

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Greetings, non-hypothetical hypothetical audience, or as I will now refer to you all, the N.H.H.A, in tribute to the people who continue to read this blog who are real. I know twenty or so of you frequently visit the site now, and my two friends who are part of that regular readership have scolded me for continuing to pretend you aren’t actually there. Consider me a changed blogger, a writer of the now, not restricted by my narrow view of the past any more. I’m reformed, and in league with that you join the ranks of the fully recognised; I hope you’re not afraid of heights, because it’s pretty high up here.

It began, as most things do, with a birthday, Anna’s birthday if we want to be exact, and the celebration of that event at a local restaurant. After a few minutes enjoying the wonder of a packed car-park filled with thrills and bends and harrowing tension when we just didn’t know if the car would be able to turn the corner (the down side of Orange Wednesdays), Aliza and I whisked our comrade to a place nearby, and we decided to chance a change and eat there. A neat little spot off the waterfront called The Locker’s Key (I think), where we gave gifts and were challenged by the world’s largest desert. I’m not kidding, this thing was a goldfish bowl of ice-cream, brownies and profiteroles (sp?); gluten-intolerance be damned, the experience was worth the forthcoming pain.

If I could shrink myself down and swim in this, I would.


My Samwises both have chest afflictions; while Aliza is recovering from a chest infection, Anna is overcoming a cold; I’m not sure how well the ice-cream helped, but they seemed pretty full and happy by their shared purchase. Greedy guts me, however, who had already ordered Belgian waffles before hand, still managed to gusto into their shared treat. Just put me in a sty and call me Bessy, maybe I’ll win a blue-ribbon at the county fair. Either way, when you have friends who let you delve into their desert and don’t think you’re a piggy, you win. Afterwards we headed to our haunt, the ever popular, ever mentioned China House for a drink.

I don’t know if you guys have heard of the campaign Stay in and Drink Tea. With the recent riots in London, and the devastation that’s followed, obviously people are in need of some assistance. Small businesses have been ruined, and lives devastated. I’m not going into any of the anger issues involving the rioters, because I think everything that needs to said has been done so in one form or another by so many others, and instead want to focus on the clean-up. The campaign encourages you to stay in (or out) and drink tea, to raise money for the restoration of the damaged properties. People have been posting pictures of traditional, good old British tea-drinking. Honestly, I don’t partake in tea-drinking much, but I snapped this photo of my comrades at the China House, getting their British on.

When All Else Fails, Tea!

I want to submit it, and I might, but I should maybe get permission first? Or surprise them? Surprises are always fun, right?

Support the Britain you believe in on Facebook at the official Stay In and Drink Tea page, and submit your pictures of tea-drinking antics. Remember, our country is diverse and beautiful and surprising and full of altruistic tea-drinkers, and we can rise above the needless violence, just like my readership did earlier when they became non-hypothetical. Anyone else getting Vertigo? Seriously, have fun with this.

That’s all from me tonight, NHHA, but book review soon, and some back-dated blogs as well. Hazaa!

Oh, just quickly, if you’re wondering about the title, try saying “thistle fluffy, fluffy thistle” five times fast and let me know how you get on. Consider it the Writer’s by the Firelight contribution to the world of tongue-twisters.



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    […] which was redesigned some years ago when new ownership took over. There’s a blog post somewhere in the records where we are drinking tea […]

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