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First of all, I’m back. I turned 23 today, and by striking coincidence this is also the 1ooth post on this blog. That is a coincidence believe me; I’m not forward-thinking enough to have planned it. July was a bit of a scramble alight with a few personal troubles which took time to sort out. Unfortunately, while trifling with these issues I didn’t have time or energy to write posts or book reviews or much else. However, the summer is now shining ahead, and with the difficult stage now behind me things should be running smoothly. Hazaa! The ebb and flow of living, what jolly fun.

Anyway comrades, I spent my birthday with a few good friends. The morning began in Waterstones where I purchased seven novels with the money I received from a close-friend. Later this month I’ll be posting a book-splurge special which will feature these seven books alongside the other titles I picked up from various sources. Each story will also be receiving a review. Yes they will. Things for regular hypothetical audience members to look forward too. I treated myself to a drink at the Americano, in my opinion, Plymouth’s number one coffee-house, which I have mentioned many times before. If you live in the Plymouth area, or you’re holidaying this way, check them out. I had a caramel milkshake, but only because I wussed out of a Reese’s Cup shake again. Apparently at 23, I’m no more gutsy. Meanwhile, I read the third-installment of the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. The review for the first in the series can be read on my review page in the overhead panel.  I just wanted to drop that one in, just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.

The next stage of my birthday took off at 2:00pm when my friend Anna, who frequently appears in my blog posts, arrived at my door with roses and a gluten-free-cake. Being the lovely lady she is, she presented me with a cute card and a bag full of wonderful mini-spa treatments including an eye mask and a nail-file. Then we ventured out into Devon to the wilderness around Totness and visited a national-trust (I think?) castle called Berry Pomeroy Castle. Or the ruins that remain of it Berry Pomeroy Castleanyway. The cheap entrance ticket came complete with a rather cute audio-tour explaining the particulars of the now crumbling rooms, and even stories of the ghosts who haunt the basement. It’s an oddly quiet site, with views across a forest valley. Anna spoke about how nature had reclaimed the building, a gentle truth viable in the plant-life residing in the broken stones. Towards the end, however, the woman on the audio-tour device started talking about what I can only describe as a “stone of broken dreams”, which apparently signifies everything the castle could have been, but wasn’t. Bit of a downer in an otherwise cutesy walk around the building, but a funny reminder of making sure no “stone of broken dreams” is left lying around in your own life. At least that’s how I chose to impute its appearance, especially on my birthday, a time which naturally causes me to reminisce and examine my existence, who I am and what I’m doing  for myself and others. Visiting old places does that for me also. Double whammy!

Later, my friend David took me out for a buffet dinner at an Asian restaurant. A couple of years back we used to enjoy a music dining venue called Harmony’s but sadly it closed down. View: Pan Asia is what stands there now. I didn’t know that’s where it was when I picked the place as my birthday meal, which I spotted as an ad in a local eating out magazine. Great food, excellent choice and friendly service. I ate so much I could hardly move, but kept going back for more. David  was taken by the Japanese desert cakes, which I would have photographed had my camera still had battery, which he kept referring to as Anime Cakes, because they look like something from the anime series Death Note. Again, if you hang around the Plymouth zone, check out View: Pan Asia. Only £12.99 for dinner, plus whatever drinks you order. Wonderful.

That about sums up the birthday fun. I was going to ramble on about the year and my intentions, but I’m tired and if I manage to stick to my goals these things will reveal themselves in time. Thanks for a great year, hypothetical audience. It feels great to be back in the bloggersphere.

Me at 23: Apparently at this age I'm going for the sarcastic prude look.

One last thing; I’m writing a novelisation of Final Fantasy IX over on FanFiction.net. If you enjoy the game  and you think you might like reading my attempts to alter the media, you can check the story out HERE. Many thank-yous.


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