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Last week I was ill, and this week my computer is reaching the end. Right now, the fan, and only cooling system, the year-old-machine has is making a pathetic buzzing sound and then whirring to a crescendo so loud it can be heard in the hall. My computer expertise friend has informed me that my problem is probably just dust inside the tower, because dust is an infamous heat-instigating factor, meaning my fan can’t properly ventilate, and subsequently is working twice as hard to do so. Thus, I am in need of a pressured-air canister, but I am non-the-wiser on where to get one, than a rabbit may be. Yesterday, the poor thing shut itself off after over-heating and then refused to start up again until this morning (the computer that is, not a rabbit).

Meanwhile, I’m only allowing myself an hour per-day on the computer, and writing in the old-fashioned pen-and-paper format I normally utilise at the library. It also stands that this blog is going to become a little neglected until a cure for the ailments can be located.


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