So This Zodiac Business …

Human kind has a habit of examining things a tad too far. Earlier today I checked my facebook main-page which was, and still is, inundated with statuses pertaining to the discovery that thousands of years worth of star divination has been false. From what I can gather, a man in Minneapolis, with what I would deem too much time on his hands, has theorised that the Earth’s axis has changed significantly since the astrologers of old drew dot-to-dot pictures in the sky. Even if this is true, I’m not really certain it matters all that much. Such a scenario reminds me of the Pluto palaver a few years ago.  Those who believe in star-destiny will no doubt be worried about their fortunes, and others who perhaps enjoy the frivolity, and perhaps identify with the sign they have become accustomed to will be disappointed. No significant aspect of the world changes; no good, no bad sources of science have been unearthed. Really all that’s happened is a man with an idea has found his way onto the news.

Curiosity exploited for the means of ratings. Sometimes I wish the capricious and harmless could simply remain so.

A strange mood strikes me this evening, perhaps it explains the sorrowful nature of this post, on a subject that would have otherwise failed to hold my attention.  I just wanted to express my current feelings on the matter, but certainly, like all things, they may also morph and change. Have I just contradicted myself, I wonder.

Also, something beautiful.


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