Silent Writer

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My centre is currently undertaking a week-long silent retreat observed in the mornings between 07:00am – 13:00pm. This quiet has been a fantastic boon to my writing. Yesterday alone I managed to write 500 words of my decorated tree short story, and today the silence has helped to construct almost half of the first chapter of my novel. Instead of heading to the library as I normally would, I woke naturally, and proceeded to undertake writing at home, on my fantastic new Swedish now assembled, flat-pack desk, with grammar books in hand, and a packet of triple-chocolate-cookies given to my by a friend yesterday evening. Unable to play music, or watch my subscriptions on YouTube, a calm space has opened which I am able to fill with my chosen craft.  Although it doesn’t make the sight of a blank page easier, it certainly means I manage to fill that pager with more words than I usually do, in a faster time period.

Being quiet if often a difficult task because we’re so used to surrounding ourselves with noise, but when the rest of the world is drowned away we are forced to listen to our thoughts, and creativity is able to shine through. At least I think that is what is happening. Either that or the nine or so cookies I ate today educed a sugar related writing high. I hope it’s the former, because I don’t have the money to keep up the sugar high, and nor would I like the waist-line of such indulgences.

Still I must admit I am pleased with the 1556 words I have managed to produced in just one morning, and I hope this is an indication of how the rest of my yearly writing endeavor will continue.

On the good writing days one is put into a nice mood, a calm mood, and hopeful mood.


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