Happy New Year

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No one could say it better than Mr Gaiman.

Happy New Year, hypothetical audience. The transition between years was peaceful, and uneventful, mostly because I was so tired after a busy day at work, I decided to sleep instead of counting down the final breaths of 2010 in any party type manner. I then had another shift today, and subsequently have another tomorrow, so I don’t yet feel as though the new year has officially hit. I’m in a post-midnight limbo, if you will, where I’m waiting for five minutes to acknowledge the fresh start that comes every January 1st. Every year I like to reflect on where the new year will take me, and I haven’t actually had a moment to do that yet.

My resolution, of which there is only one: I am, am, am, am going to finish a novel. Yes, yes, yes I am. If I do not, I submit myself to a tirade of unbearable punishments. Right now I have the time to dedicate, and effort to provide such a project. Beside this challenge, I will create one short story a month – the first will centre around the magnificent tree I witnessed a few months back (here is a post with the details.)


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