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Greetings hypothetical audience. I’m back in Plymouth, and I had hoped to entertain you with images and stories of both my time at my parent’s and the amusing journey back, but alas I have very limited Internet at the moment. Whenever I attempt to upload a picture, or post too long a blog entry, the service throws out an access limited error, and subsequently shuts down the router for five minutes, meaning no one can get online. It’s fairly annoying, but we’re Buddhists, and shouting around about it is not our nature. My landlady contacted the service provider and told them the problem, and while they were happy to help, they needed proof she is actually the new Centre Manager. Of course, whenever she tried to send the evidence in an email, the Internet disappeared, and she spent all afternoon trying to locate a printing shop which still had a fax service. The world is changing to say the least.

Anyway, I can’t post more than 500 words, or the online will collapse once more, and important data may be lost. Rest assured, I will somehow get the other material onto this space in the next few weeks, and I’ll probably back-post them to their respective days just to keep things chronological (Incidentally, if you are reading this after January 10th 2011, when the issue is most likely to be resolved, you may now go back in the archives and read the missing content). Hopefully the Library will be able to support the features on this site, but I wouldn’t bet my little pennies on it.

This must have been what the dark ages were like.


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