Four Calling Birds

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Continuing my stream of educational gifts, I would today like to endow you with knowledge about the four-calling birds mentioned in the famous Christmas song. Calling-bird is actually a misinterpretation of colly-bird. Mining pits used to be known as collieries. As is the nature of such work, miners left the pits covered in coal, and were said to have been collied, or become collie, because of the soot and dirt covering their skin. Soot, as you should very well know, is black. Colly-birds are actually black-birds, a common bird native to England.

I’m still at my parent’s place, and will be until Thursday, and between spurts of family time, I am reading, and so that is why posts are reasonably short and non-existent of late. Also, the reason for no photographs.

Today I traveled to the city of bath, which is beautiful, and full of those old-time independent shops I so crave to see littering every high-street. Everything is built in beige-brick, and decorated with Roman carvings. Here I met up with my old University chum Ronnie, and we plodded around the over-crowded city-centre. I just can’t understand why anyone who lives in such a historical place would want to spent their bank-holiday browsing sales. In fact, I don’t really understand why anyone anywhere would want to spent one of their precious Government enforced days-off walking in and out of stuffy high-street stores. ¬†Maybe it’s because I work in retail, and any-day away from my work-place, should not be wasted at it.

Anyway, sorry these posts are a little lackluster at the moment. I left most of my information back in Plymouth, including a few T.O.M.M.s, and a book review, because I am stupid, and for no other reason.


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