A Very Buddhist Christmas

People often inquire as to whether or not I celebrate Christmas, because I am a Buddhist, and generally the two aren’t associated. The fact of the matter is that Buddhists can participate in any festival regardless of its origins as long as it’s about something good, which, in the grand scheme of things, Christmas is. This year many of those of us who reside at the centre will be traveling to see their families for a few weeks; our homelands range from Tavistock – a mere half-hour drive, to Toulouse France, but as a community we got together tonight to enjoy a little festivities. Where others would partake in wine, we instead brewed up a batch of Chai-Tea and mince pies. We pulled crackers, donned hats, listened to bad jokes, talked, laughed, exchanged home-made presents, and enjoyed each other’s company. All the things Christmas should be about. You see, we Buddhists can party it up with the best of them.

The people in this picture are very precious to me, and despite everything life often makes me endure, I feel blessed to have them close, and to live in such a fun-loving home. The Buddhist Centre is a community of individuals who offer strength and encouragement not only to each other, but to those who visit often, or even not at all. All my fellow residents are beautiful people, special and dedicated, kind and patient. They have granted me grace when money has been too low to pay the rent, and when my music has been unnecessarily loud. They provide a comfortable living environment, and give with asking very little in return. While I’m certain none of them are even aware of this digital realm in which I unload my life and thoughts, I want to express my gratitude towards them all for being the people they are. In a perfect world, everyone would have house-mates like these.

This post isn’t really about much, I just wanted to share the experience with my hypothetical audience, and wish you all a peaceful and joyful season, and a new year of many granted wishes. Remember to keep your precious ones close always, and not just the holidays.


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