Snow In Plymouth …. No Seriously!

So, the world is ending. Speckles of white have finally scattered the roads, streets, cars, and rooves of Plymouth thick enough that it’s actually noticeable, but not so dense it’ll be around for long. Right now, I’m staring out my window at a world similar to a cake dusted with icing-suger. The city has gone wild, because as I have previously stated, this is not a place snow often decides to visit, but when you look at photographs from the blog of the great Neil Gaiman our whimsical attempt at a winter wonderland looks a tad flimsy. At the moment the falling snow has subsided, and the sun has made an appearance, so I imagine within the next hour, there won’t be anything left. Still, it’s pretty, and it’s moved my otherwise ambiguous feelings about the up-coming festive season to a stable, cheery anticipation.

However, I have a Cafe shift today, which I’m sure will be quiet, because we rely on the town centre shoppers coming down the back streets for a quiet drink, and with the weather colder, and icier than it has been, I don’t think many will do that. It also puts a halt on my usual writing library trip, because hell if I’m venturing into the icy remains of snow covered Plymouth. It might not snow very often, but the weather does tend to shower us with large balls of hail, and we don’t so much get frost as we do black-ice. From now on, I elect to call black-ice , ninja-ice. Last February I went down at least six times because of the stuff. Needless to say, I will spending the rest of the day inside, where it is warm, and for the most part, non-slippery. I will, however, be doing so curled up on the windowsill, maybe writing, looking out onto what’s left of the white stuff. Although it won’t settle, the forecast has predicted the gentle descent of glistening flakes will continue for the rest of the day.

There’s something very serene about watching snow fall, especially with Christmas just days away. There is a calmness to watching it tumble down on almost empty streets, and an elegant, crisp edge to the cold air.


1 thought on “Snow In Plymouth …. No Seriously!”

  1. That’s just what Cornwall is looking like! When I got up this morning I didn’t believe it, I thought I was still sleeping :L

    I was watching the snow fall a minute ago, and you’re right it does make you feel relaxed.

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