Extra Toes

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Another dream post today, hypothetical audience. This is probably one of the most bazaar sleep-visions I’ve ever experienced, and it centres around the appearance of extra toes.

I started to feel a pain in my left foot, and at one point I got a little paranoid that I might have an ingrowing toe-nail. In the dream I bend down to examine where the cramp is coming from and I find that on the ball of my foot I have another set of rather crooked and unsightly toes underneath the original set. One particularly gruesome appendage is three times the length is should be and has a hard cartoony splintered nail protruding from the end. Another is green and shriveled. Infuriated, I visit a doctor about my impediment (haha – im-pedi-ment, you get it?) and he tells me that all I have to do is pull them off; so I do. I rip the ugliest two toes from the group and I start bleeding, and where the toes had been are spaces that look fit for some kind of electronic devices. Cyber-toes?

Then the dream takes a weird turn as I try to cheer myself up by going dress-shopping with a few friends.

We’re in a very pricey shop, and a sales-woman comes over to tell me and shows me a very pretty green dress. After a while she convinces me to try on the garment despite not being able to afford it, and I go to the changing rooms to do so. While I’m there my friends get fed-up of waiting and leave. The dress looks nice on me, but being very poor I decline the discounted asking price the sales-woman gives me, and I leave, but because my friends have abandoned me, I decide to move house.

On my search for a new abode, I end up at a swish looking, black marble building, with a door-man, and I inquire as to whether they have a room I can take for residence. At some point someone must have said yes, because I ended up in a small hidden room, the door of which looks like bookshelves. The room doesn’t even have a window. I start to wonder whether or not I have just paid for a cheap room in an otherwise luxurious hotel, or whether I have found a permanent apartment, but when I try to ask people I see in the halls, they are unable to answer me with anything but excited comments about an upcoming party. Perhaps I should have bought the dress after all.

Back to the real world.  I did check several times this morning that I only had five-toes on each foot. Toes are such strange things when you actually think about it – like fingers for your feet. I have a feeling about what might have encouraged at least the foot-mutation part of the dream. A shop has opened in town recently, where you can get the dead skin on your feet eaten away by tiny little fishes. I might try it out in the next few weeks just to say I know what hundreds of little sea-creatures nibbling at unsavory areas of my feet feels like.

As usual, if you have any comments or ideas about what the dream could mean, hit me up via email.

Hopefully, in a few days I’ll be posting another review, but the book in question is one Mac’daddy’vally of a novel at just under 600 pages, and I’m on a deadline with some writing work that needs to be finished by Wednesday. Either way, it’ll be up by Saturday.  Maybe.


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