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Needles going into things, especially things that can feel the effects of needles going into them, has never been an experience I have enjoyed. Whenever I get blood taken, or see it being taken fictional or no, I have to look away, because that’s how squeamish I am about needles going into flesh, particularly living flesh. It’s not just needles. If those bazaa stories about bikes protruding from the skulls of unfortunate cyclists appear on the news, the pictures send shivers down my spine. So when I have dreams about large needles obtruding from my body, including, but not limited to my eyes, I start to freak out a little bit.

Last night I dreamed the dream, this morning I took to the freaking out. Dreams interest me on a symbolic, Freudian level, so I looked up exactly what needle-protruding meant on a higher mental level. Apparently needles, on their own without the threatening connotations, mean some form on unfinished business, and needles sticking into things emblematise new ideas coming to life. Not as terrifying as the dream initially had me believe, but the vision of being sat frozen in a dentists-chair like a human pin-cushion has yet to leave my mind.

If you’ve ever dreamed about a dentists-chair apparently it suggests that you are having some doubt over the sincerity and honor of some person in your life. Does this mean that I’m having new ideas about a person I’m having some doubt over? Dreams are confusing, but lets continue.

The visions went from freakish to horrific when a manhole emerged, and a sense of inertia took over, as the thought that I would be going inside overtook me. Manholes in dreams have strange connotations I’m sure, just not any that the wonderful world of the Internet can tell me. If anyone reading this knows what a manhole dream symbolises I would be interested to hear.   In the meantime, I’ll update if I find out.

All in all though, the connotations don’t seem as literal or as negative as I would’ve imagined. I just hope tonight brings a much less needle-centric visions into my otherwise wonderesque dreamworld.


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