Halloween on a Boat: The Writing Challenge

Some of the best inspiration for stories can come with the melding of two completely separate concepts, and so my friend and I decided today that we would test this method. We each chose an element that could be crafted into a storyline, and by the end of the month we have to have written a short-story containing both points.

1) – All characters have to be on a boat for a duration of the story.

2)  – Halloween has to be a character.

Many strange ideas have already crossed my mind as to how these two factors can mingle, which is exciting for me as a writer because often good story ideas are hard to come by. The deadline is the 31st of this month, and if we are successful we shall try again with another set of compulsory elements. 

I plan for a story that is no more than 1,800, but my ability to keep any story short is seriously lacking, and so it will most likely end up quite a bit more wordy.

Earlier this year a short-story I wrote for a module at University made it through the penultimate round of the Uk’s largest writing compatition, so I am hoping to improve my portfolio of stories and perhaps send more off to small comps where I may actually win and improve my writing retinue. A big dream.


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