There was a review here … it’s gone now

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It’s a Friday in September, and there should be a review here, but I must confess that over the last week I haven’t had much time to chill out and read through a book, so my determination to get a review out every week in September has pretty much been flushed. However, I did enjoy the two reviews I did manage to produce, and I hope they are of a decent enough standard to be useful to most. Your comments my dear hypothetical audience, are always appreciated; if you have any tips on how I can improve, please do not hesitate to contact me in one of the many ways possible. If you’re disappointed about the lack of a review (I doubt many are), then just use the precious powers of your mind, and imagine a review is here. Wonderful the capacities of the human imagination.

Expect to see more reviews in the coming weeks since I have many books I wish to express my opinion on, and I’m still trying desperately to approve this particular style of journalism.

So many people are already preparing for NaNoWriMos, and it is with regret that I inform you all very early that I will not be taking part this year. The sheer pressure of NaNoWriMo terrifies at the best of times, but with nothing to write really and a lot of other ‘real-world’ things to get sorted, I just don’t have the energy for that kind of stress at the moment. Besides, I’m still recovering from SuWriMos. Funny how energetic writing can take it out of you.


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