Calling all FFIX Fans

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As some of my earlier Hypothetical readers may know, I work for a prominent video-game retailer in the UK, but I am not a game fanatic. I have however been placed under the spell of Squaresoft’s longest running game series Final Fantasy since I was about thirteen. Particularly, I enjoy playing the ninth in the sequence, because I believe the storyline to be near-perfect and the characters to be as whimsical and engaging s can be expected of such a venture. Obviously, being a make for the original Playstation the game isn’t as spectacular visually as x-box titles, and it dialogue has to be read instead of listened to, but I was perusing the files of YouTube the other day and I stumbled upon this.

Which is impressive not just because of the sheer determination Actorman has given to his project, but the level of professionalism that all the voice-actors have. This is no amateur feat thrown together on a whim; this is a work of fan-fiction art the likes of which I haven’t seen.

So, if you’re into your FFIX and you like attention to detail, hit Actorman up on his youtube channel and give this effort the appreciation it deserves.

In other news, the bedroom I now live in has become somewhat more inhabitable, and I’ve written a test chapter of my new story. Also, those on my page are aware of the FFIX fanfic I have posted there. I enjoy your very nice comments, thank-you.


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