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September Spaces, and New Projects

Now that SuWriMos has finished I’m feeling a little down. Lots of time has opened up all of a sudden, and September is usually the time of year when University starts up again, so normally I don’t notice. However, now that I no longer attend University all I see is concentrated areas of space filled with not-much-to-doiness.  Obviously after the intense writing period, I don’t want to jump straight into a pure-writing craze, but I don’t want my skills to dwindle, and I want to be increasing my ability to thick critically about my work. So, I have decided to start writing book-reviews regularly. Anyone who might have drifted here from GoodReads knows that I occasionally make comments on that page, but I really want to improve them and, as we all should be aware, unless to practise doing something, you’ll never get any better at it.

Every friday this month, I’ll post one review about a book I have read, starting with Anansi Boys by the marvellous Neil Gaiman on the  10th. Hopefully, this will both keep me reading and writing while I plan my new novel. Also, every so often I will post writing information, since I know some the Gaia guests found it useful during the Summer. Articles I have written about characterisation, and narration and such. With any luck, it’ll be of interest to most and of use to some, at worse it’s collecting digital dust in the bloggershpere.

On a personal note, I started a storyboard this week. Hundreds of hand cut and hand-written post-it sized pieces of plain paper, pinned neatly to a large pin-board is serving as a good way to see the structure of my plot-line all together, and I can easily shift events around and eliminate  them if necessary. I’m still looking for the element that will tie the work together, but I’m sure that’ll come with a lot of time and effort.

That’s all for now.


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