Where the Day Shall Take Me

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Hello Little Fishes. I’m back in Plymouth, and I have a free day, and I am posting this before my day has begun because I plan to spend it catching up on my SuWriMos word count. However, I might head out to a place called Mount Edgecombe instead simply because I rarely get days to myself, and the day today is clear of cloud and warm with a breeze. Perfect walking conditions. At times like this I wish I had a dog with which to travel over green pastures, but alas the centre in which I reside will not allow for pets, and I probably couldn’t afford one anyway.

I have a dream to report as well before I forget, and it trickles slowly to the land of lost dreams. I’m standing on a beach which stretches for many miles ahead of me, and the sea has an oil like consistency. Still, I am covered in sand, and I decide to go for a little dip to clean myself, so I strip down to my unmentionables, and I slowly walk into the ocean. Something akin to the end of ‘The Awakening if you’ve ever read it. Further and further under the water I go; the lapping waves reach my knees, and then my midriff, and then my neck, until I am fully submerged beneath the water. However, I can breathe just fine, and I start to swim out away from the safety of the land despite how heavy the water feels around me.

Strangely, there are no fish, or any other sea creatures around me; just me in the expanse of the ocean-blue for miles and miles, and I just keep swimming. The sunlight above beams down casting streaks of sunlight under the surface, beautiful and eerie in the emptiness. Suddenly, a big shadow appears in the distance, and starts to come towards me; as it nears it starts to take a shape. A long whale like head, but with six deep black pools for eyes, followed by a serpentine body covered in rough leathery skin. I start to panic, because I don’t like big things, particularly animals the size of blue whales being too close to me. Obviously, I am far too small to out swim it, and so I start to tread water, like a deer in headlights (a swimming deer, in underwater headlights). It’s so big I could stand on its eyelid.

When it reaches me, it defies all my terror and just swims on without taking any notice. And I can’t remember any more.

Any dream experts? I’d love to hear some evaluations. They don’t even have to be informed; just use your opinions, and we’ll see what we get.  

Back to my quandary of the day; to write or to walk, or perhaps even both. First I shall have some breakfast, and offer my services to the Gaia crew. Lots of work being PM’d to me, and I promise I’ll get through it as soon as I can, but I can only edit about two/three pieces an evening. I’ll dedicate a day this week to powering through them. I’m still trying to make a home out of the mess that is my bedroom.  

Finally, the SuWriMos update: 65,227/100,000 – which is not as far as I need to be, but better than I thought I would be at this point.


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