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G’day folks, today I turned 22, and many of my beautiful hypothetical (should I still be calling you that?) audience, offered congrats. Funny how we offer people praise for managing to stay alive another 365 days; in a way it’s kind of like saying ‘great job, Bob, not getting hit by a car, or falling pray to some deadly disease in the last year’, but it’s lovely all the same.

My sister gave me a copy of the coveted American Gods sequel, Anansi Boys, which I am eager to read. I’ve heard it’s not really a follow-up to Gaiman’s masterpiece per-say, but more like a spin-off involving the family of one of the minor characters in the original novel. Still, if it’s any bit as well-crafted as AG then I’m sure I will revel in its wonders all the same. Sometimes I feel sorry for books, because they have to live up to the hype of more prestigious novels, and they just don’t have that kind of punch. Every author can only have one Magnum Opus, so it really isn’t fair.

No SuWriMos update today mostly because I have no update, and with family still around I could only steal a second to thank those who offered their best wishes.

Posts will be sparse this month, as I try to desperately catch-up with the writing, and sort out my new place, but I’ll try to get on as much as I can.

Catch you later, little fishes.


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