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I’m in Newport right now typing this on the world’s most elderly laptop. The poor thing is whirring at me to close a few programmes before I continue lest it can’t control its motherboard-movements and has a little accident.  I’ve had a very busy day, and after I finish reciting it for you my dear hypothetical audience, I will be retiring to my bed.

Several important objectives had to be completed today. Aside from moving to my new room, I had to clean the old one, hand the keys back into my landlord, and undertake a four-hour shift at work. Therefore the day began at 6:30 when I dug into a packed-box of kitchen supplies for a bowl so that I could make myself some cereal. At this time I took to the task of clearing away the consoles and the TV, because I didn’t want to go a night without the background noise. Walls brim with echos once all your stuff is stored away. That took longer than expected, and it was the first in a series of events which got me very dusty. Then I cleaned for a few hours so my landlords wouldn’t deduct money from my security deposit to hire a super-professional-cleaning-person to do it for them, but I’m pretty sure they will anyway. 

My father and sister helped to track the rest of the boxes down to my new place of residence, including two large containers of books and a cooler filled with non-meat foods. I had to throw away a burger which had been sitting at the back of my freezer forgotten and alone since October. May it go onto burger heaven (would that still be cow heaven?). Subsequently, the freezer was defrosted making my dust-covered hands very wet … so I was now fairly muddy. Of course, I washed my hands, but there was a residue, the kind that only a good shower can really kick. Furniture  was repositioned back to its original arrangement, and it felt like I was just moving in again. Sadly, I had to say goodbye.

As stated in a previous post – one of the packing series, I believe- I get attached to things, and these four-walls were close to my heart. I took a moment (a teary, pathetic moment) to have one last look, and then I left.

I was due at work, so I handed my Father the keys to the now old-apartment, and gave him, what I believed to be clear instructions about where to drop them. I drew a very respectable map.

“You just walk out past the Salvation Army building, go up the stairs, and cross through the University on the other side of the road. Cross the road again, and pass the spar, and a few shops up you’ll see the building. Just tell them my name, and the address and hand over the keys” said I, showing him the path on my handmade map.

“But what’s that?” he replied, pointing at a square with SA written in it.

“The Salvation Army building. Just go past it and you’ll see some stairs,” I explained, pointing in the direction of the stairs.

“But according to this, the stairs are over there.”

“No father, follow the line; the entrance to the apartment building is there. You need to turn the corner to see the Sally-Army building, and from there the stairs.”

“But that would be the hotel if I follow the line that way.” he protested.

“No, the hotel is opposite; if you reach a hotel, you’ve gone completely the wrong way.”

“Not according to this.”

“Daddy, granted I’m not a cartographer, but anyone could see that line is turning towards the SA building. I even wrote SA on the square so you wouldn’t get confused.”

“So, I’m not heading towards the hotel, even though the map is telling me to?”

“Salvation Army good, hotel bad.” I reply.

“Why does the line go through that square,” he asks.

“Because, you need to walk through the University to get to the right street. Do you need me to write a big U on the square?”

“You can’t draw maps.”

“Good thing I didn’t do a degree in it. Do you understand where you’re going?”

“I’ll just take the car and use the SatNav.”

and he did.

Having cleaned for hours at home, I was then asked to clean at work also, so I dusted shelves and worried that my Father would get lost on his way to my Landlords and I’d get charged the excess for a late departure. Fortunately, he managed the journey just fine, and on the drive home, I was able to just quietly reflect on the day’s activities. I had one of those unquestionable moments often found in books and films where the character comes to the understanding their circumstances have forever altered. But, I suppose, in many ways in many places, such moments are occuring every minute.

And, now I am here at my parent’s house, because it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I wish to have company for it. I’ll be 22, which feels older than it should.

Thank-you for your readership hypothetical audience. I am now off to bed …

Just kidding Gaian SuWriMos gang, here’s your Gaia promised update, although don’t get too excited.

60,184/100,000 – 31 days to write 39,816 words. Eh … I could still reach my goal. Well done to a certain young Gaian who has managed to complete and extend his word-goal. I’m impressed! May having to move never hinder you, Sir.

And on that note, I really am going to sleep. I’m not sure when I’ll next update.


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