Packing: Day 3

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Stuff! Stuff everywhere! Books, boxes, clothes, stationary! Everywhere. On the good side I found a box filled with things I thought I had accidentally thrown away when I last moved. These things I really did need for University, and I ended up spending funds replacing them; they included a pack of paper, polly-pockets, and overhead projector sheets. I’m happy about that find, and if I had enough room in which to do a jig of joy I would, but as it happens my once vast apartment is becoming ever more cramped. No jumping room … barely any walking room. I navigate via a series of deliberate spaces between my many packing projects. To get from the hall to the kitchen you have to veer around a labyrinth of DVD storage containers (I’m trying to give-away films I no longer watch very often), and then take a left (the right is blocked by a ‘charity clothes’ box) at the needlework and craft-things area.

The essentials which are being used everyday are in a safe-haven on the wall-side of the bed, where I can access them easily when I get up. Making a meal has become a hazardous affair. Yesterday evening I needed to drain a pan full of boiling pasta into the sink. Making a misjudgment in my stride I almost tripped over a stack of books, and barely managed to keep from being scolded when I splashed the water. Fortunately, the only casualty was a washing basket. He’ll get over it I’m sure.

SuWriMos update! 59,800/100,000 … appalling. 800 words in 3 days isn’t much to brag about, but with the move, I think I have a decent excuse. Some Gaians commented my Gaia account with some heart-warming encouragement, and I thank you. Although, I think until the move is over I won’t be getting too many words written. Who knows.

If I survive making tonight’s supper I’ll maybe do some more word-smithing this evening, and then resume the packing fiasco tomorrow.


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