Words in a Dream, An A, and A Friend Departing

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I was woken up at 2:30 this morning by a phone-call from a close friend who just wanted a chat, which is never a problem. Unfortunately, I had been silly enough to retire quite late and was only a few hours into sleep, and only a few minutes into a dream. The call woke me in the middle of a fairly peculiar one.  In a kitchen in a house I had once lived in many years ago someone, I can’t recall who, asked me a question which I do not remember and I answered with the words: “Like train tracks on the kitchen tiles and tables rigged with windows”. Frustrating, because if I had any clue as to what was asked of me, I might understand why I gave such a strange reply. However, I am grateful to my friend for waking me when he did, because I might not have remembered them otherwise, and I like them; they are mysterious words with many possibilities. Normally, I don’t dream so philosophically. I plan to use these words later in a context: perhaps a poem or in a metaphor in a story.  This is not the last to be seen of them.

                After being woken, and a subsequent half-an-hour phone conversation, I was unable to get back to sleep. My mind was too alive, and the screeching sea-gulls outside the window did little to help, so I stayed awake and kept myself preoccupied. I read, and listened to quiet music, and contemplated chapter 2, and thought about how tired I would be at work in seven hours, and then in five hours. Eventually, I did drift back into dream-land just as the sun was turning the sky a lighter shade of navy (A Lighter Shade of Navy would make a good band-name, or novel title, no?), and two hours later I was woken by the alarm, and I got up and I showered and I went to work.

                A few weeks ago the shop I worked at closed down and I was moved to an alternative store; things are a little upside down at the moment. Suddenly, I am required to work a piece of technology I have never really had to before, and no set schedule has been formed to teach me, and everything is not where I know it to be. I’m on the look-out for a new job in something more adequate to the degree I have just completed, so I do not anticipate I will be there much longer, but for the term I do continue there I hope to be of better use. Four people behind a counter – three can use the till with good pace and harnessed skill, and one (me) can use it barely and only with someone to input the number I am not yet allowed access to. Really, I feel surplus to requirement. I do hope that changes.

                On a random note, when the fixtures were being taken from the old store, I took possession of this. …  …. I work at a UK video games retailer called GAME. This is the second letter of that brand name unscrewed from the wall. Another member took the ‘G’ so for three days we were formally known as ‘ME’.

                More hours next week (12 in fact), which means either a) more time for hands-on till training, or b) more time dawdling around drawers and opening tills hoping to be hit by neither and trying to find a way to be useful. My hopes lay with a (My Hopes Lay with A another great band-name).

                After work Andreas and I met up for a Starbucks. Seeing him is always great fun and greatly self-empowering. He’s one of those types of people. He bought me cake before telling me some important news, which I didn’t know how to respond to. In two days he leaves to receive teacher training in Cypress and then he is off to London for a week; before he gets back I will have moved out of the apartment I have been living in for eleven months. For the very last time, Andreas came to my apartment, a milestone which made time seem so dreadfully important. We watched a film and then he departed. I took this picture of him inside my apartment:

  and this one of him walking away from it.


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