The Owl

Last night, at around two in the morning, I was woken by the hooting of an owl somewhere at the back of the house, where our garden meets a forest trail. This was a distinct call; a long classic hoot followed by three short trills, which rang in three rounds. I was too bed lost… Continue reading The Owl

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Here it is. The big birthday. This will be a relatively speedy post, written at the end of the day itself because I didn't manage to write yesterday, and I spent the day in quiet celebration with my husband, and it's now late. I just wanted to get the moment into writing today. Turning 30… Continue reading 30

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View from a Hotel

The hotel we were booked into was one of many guesthouses and B&Bs settled along the Llandudno's picturesque promenade. They sit side-by-side with cheery, welcoming, sometimes humourous names, a terraced line of beckoning hospitality. In the late evening sun, many rows of windows reflect the pastel skies over the sea; people walk dogs on the… Continue reading View from a Hotel

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End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception

About a week ago I put out a blog* about the problems with the continuing (and in my opinion, unnecessary) Hufflepuff Pride movement. One of my issues with such posturing was the boasting that J.K Rowling had announced Hufflepuff as her favourite house. I realised though, that I had never actually seen the interview in… Continue reading End Hufflepuff Pride: The J.K Rowling Misconception